Bird's Eye View of Warriors2US Camp

Our Approach

Warriors2US provides a recreational working camp for those who need occasional camaraderie, which helps to minimize stress and environmental conflict issues.

Our Story

Being a Warrior is not something you do. Being a Warrior is Who You ARE. Warriors are proud to serve and do not consider themselves Heroes. Combat and First Responder events create horrific and traumatic experiences. The level of impact varies from one person to another. The aftermath and effects of being a Warrior – First in, Last out – changes every human involved. The US military trains our Warriors to do everything except: How to Separate and Discharge from the Service. From Basic Training to the end of service, every day, hour, and minute are dictated and predictable. There is little to no training on how to re-engage with disconnected family members, spouses, and friends. Warriors2US is hoping to bridge the adjustment gap.

Guests will come to camp with established Warrior objectives that are discussed and agreed to during registration. Warriors2US (Soldiers, LEOs, Firefighters, EMT/EMS and ER staff) struggle to forget all they've done and seen at times. The premise of their mindset is that “without gripping a sword they cannot protect US yet while gripping the sword they cannot embrace US.” Therefore, it is critical that our Warriors disconnect from their normal life and loved ones in order to be “In Services.” The separation and impact of trauma, combat or perceived moral transgression can have a long-lasting effect both emotionally and physically. These effects strain family relationships and friendships. For those who are wounded in action there is typically a greater disconnect from their family and friends. At the same time they are also separated from their military brothers and sisters. Warriors2US Foundation is working to help.

Meet the Team


Donna Nasr

Founder and President

Experience: Since 2004, Donna Nasr has managed multi-million/billion dollar bid and proposal efforts within the Federal Government contracting arena. Most of these contract efforts involve simulation training services for our United States Military. Ms. Nasr manages proposal teams made up of Business Executives, Veterans, FBI Agents, U.S. Border Patrol Agents, US Marshals, and First Responders as subject matter experts. During her career, a common thread of conversation remains the same. Our Veterans and First Responders need a means to help them transition from services, need to get away, and need camaraderie in order to discuss issues. Once finding out about the suicide rate in 2016, Donna's dream began to do something to help. Creating and building Warriors2US Foundation is an effort to Answer the Call to give back to those who Serve and Protect U.S.  Now, Warriors2US enables everyone to be a part of the effort to do something and help.


Josh Shoaff

Director of Operations



Dominic Brezo

Director of Veteran Affairs

Experience:  Josh Shoaff was a Law Enforcement Officer for 12 years. Mr. Shoaff was a law enforcement firearms instructor for the state of Tennessee.  He instructed cadets the art of high-speed pursuit driving and was a critical member of S.W.A.T. Mr. Shoaff became a U.S. Army contractor as a Department of Defense S.E.R.E. school instructor at Ft. Rucker for 6 years. He is a government trained firearms subject matter expert and tactical firearms instructor.  Josh is the firearms instructor at the Warriors2US range and teaches weapons training for groups of students. He has been instrumental in building the Warriors2US Camp and building awareness amongst the Veteran and First Responder communities.


Experience:  Dominic Brezo is a retired United States Navy Reservist as a Navy Seabee. Mr. Brezo was deployed to Japan, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Mr. Brezo will be connecting with various In Service and retired veteran communities to expand awareness of our Warriors2US services.  Now that he has retired from service, Mr. Brezo is the President of his successful excavating equipment rental business called N5 Equipment Rental.  Mr. Brezo also works with a local excavation company as a heavy machine operator. Dominic provided his silk screen print shop equipment to help Warriors2US launch a print shop services business.

Next Steps...

Call to reserve a spot at the Warriors2US camp for a weekend to up to a week